ILEA Bangkok Director and team were invited as English guest lecturers in the RTP’s Senior Commander course

Bangkok (Thailand)— On July 20-22, 2020, ILEA Bangkok Director Andrew B. Cunney and some of the ILEA team were invited to instruct 105 deputy commanders from the Royal Thai Police (RTP) as English guest lecturers of Senior Commander course (Class 47) at the RTP Police College, Police Education Bureau.

The 3-day English training was specifically designed for RTP officers to develop and brush up on their English communication skills and using English in operational and diplomatic settings. During the course, the students had a chance to practice English investigative language through various law-enforcement scenarios such as armed robbery, assault, sexual assault, and cybercrime investigations. The training also provided them useful online resources for their self-improvement and subordinates in English-language learning after the training was concluded.

The training was successful, and it was a great opportunity to strengthen bonds and relationship for ILEA and the RTP in the future law enforcement cooperation.