The ILEA Band “The Bridge” Official Debut

The Bridge members pose after their performance at ILEA Bangkok.

Not only does ILEA Bangkok strive for training excellence, we also strive to bring bright smiles and sheer happiness to ILEA participants during their training experience at ILEA Bangkok.

Today, August 29, 2019, ILEA Bangkok officially and proudly presents the first-ever ILEA Band “The Bridge”, whose name is derived from the ILEA Bangkok motto, “A Bridge to Cooperation”. “The Bridge” includes 10 members who are from different countries, and perform different jobs and work in different departments at ILEA Bangkok; yet they all have the same objective when it comes to music and that is to bring happiness and pleasure to their audience. The band regularly performs live music at the welcome receptions and special events. The latest event “The Bridge” successfully performed was at the Independence Day Celebration on July 3, 2019 at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok.  

Live performance by "The Bridge".

The Bridge performs at the Independence Day Celebration July 3, 2019, at the U.S. Embassy Bangkok.


The Bridge members pose at the ILEA Bangkok 20th Anniversary event. 

The band members include:          

Drummer (Leader)
Mr. Michael D. Rohlfs, Deputy Program Director

Pol.Col. Kittipon Kaewumporn, Chief of Student Affairs                                     
Mr. Philip Aung Myat Linn, Burmese interpreter

Mr. Chainarong Charoenkrung, Student Affairs officer

Mr. Lazum Timothy Brang Seng, Burmese interpreter

Mr. Puspo Edi Sasongko, Indonesian interpreter
Ms. Jaruwan Khamphak, Financial officer
Ms. Christrin Lagunsad, Indonesian interpreter
Ms. Zin Le Win, Burmese interpreter
Mr. Panugorn Panichkul, Receptionist

Sound Engineer             
Mr. Winai Meeyen, Administrative officer