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Director's Message

As ILEA Bangkok approaches the 20th Anniversary of its first course, it is an appropriate time to reflect on why ILEA is valuable and why the Kingdom of Thailand, the United States, and member nations, especially within the ASEAN, cherish this program. Most law enforcement officials choose this profession for noble reasons: they endeavor to protect and serve the citizens of their countries and uphold the rule of law.  Now, more than ever, the largest threat to these ideals and goals is the proliferation of transnational organized crime groups and transnational organized crime. ILEA continues to believe that the best way to combat transnational organized crime is through transnational law enforcement cooperation.

ILEA Bangkok strives to provide world class training as a key tool to combat transnational organized criminal groups. Equipping the law enforcement professionals, who participate in ILEA training, with the most cutting-edge law enforcement knowledge and skills is the foundation of the program.  The program also offers a unique combination of the acquisition of the best law enforcement techniques with the equally important goal of increasing law enforcement capacity through relationship building.  ILEA provides an atmosphere and environment—both in and out of the classroom—where the relationships between participants and with the instructors are fostered and encouraged.  By the time ILEA Bangkok participants depart training, they not only have increased their professional contacts with the direct connection to the instructors and other participants from their specific class, but they have gained access to the entire global ILEA alumni cadre.  ILEA Bangkok’s alumni network alone is over 22,000 law enforcement professionals from 13 different countries and regions. 

These ideas and their importance to the program are truly embodied in ILEA Bangkok’s motto:  “A Bridge to Cooperation.”  This motto guides ILEA Bangkok’s philosophy in both how we execute training and the environment in which the training takes place. We truly believe that if we endeavor to dismantle and stop transnational organized criminal groups, we must continue to do so in a coordinated and cooperative way with all law enforcement professionals.

As ILEA Bangkok prepares to celebrate our 20 year anniversary, we reflect on and appreciate, not only the efforts by the ILEA Bangkok instructors and staff, but the efforts of all our alumni to stop transnational organized crime. We also look forward to continuing to expand the ILEA Bangkok family in the coming year, as we all work to fight crime with a unified front and strive to protect our nation’s citizens to the best of our abilities.