Philippines Police Attaché paid a Courtesy Visit on ILEA Directors

ILEA Bangkok was honored to host Police Colonel Dominador M. Matalang, the Philippines Police Attaché in Bangkok, along with his assistant Sherwin S. Julian, for discussions aimed at advancing Philippines cooperation and support for ILEA’s mission.

During the meeting with Director Buenrostro and Police Colonel Kittipon Kaewumporn, Colonel Matalang addressed critical regional issues. He cited examples of call center scams, human trafficking, and various financial crimes causing substantial harm to their country’s security and economy. The conversation focused on the challenges posed by criminals using techniques like cryptocurrencies and complex cross-border transactions to conceal illicit activities and evade law enforcement. Colonel Matalang expressed a keen interest in expanding law enforcement training opportunities for Filipino officers dealing with transnational crimes.

Director Buenrostro emphasized ILEA’s significance not only as a law enforcement training academy but also as a robust networking tool fostering cooperation among regional countries to dismantle criminal networks.

Before concluding his visit, Colonel Matalang met with Philippines delegates participating in Fisheries Enforcement and Prosecution training courses.