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Training Facilities

The ILEA training center in Bankgkok represents a state-of-the-art approach to law enforcement training.  Amongst the many types of rooms in the ILEA facility are three standard class rooms that are equipped with interpretation systems, two break-out rooms, and a Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) room.  

  • Student Classrooms: ILEA Bankgkok is built to accomodate student cohorts of various sizes.  Each of the three student classrooms is constructed as an environment that is comfortable and condusive to learning.
  • Breakout Rooms: The Breakout Rooms are mainly for small group workshop instruction or team-work assignments.
  • FATS Room: The FATS room is designed for specialized tactical exercises, martial arts instruction, and shooting simulations.  

Practical training can also be effectively delivered at ILEA Bangkok.  The facility is equiped with a "Shooting House" that replicates the tactical envronment faced by law enforcement during a seizure or raid.