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Police Captain Chatchawin Singhasenee

Chatchawin Singhasenee

Chatchawin Singhasenee

Police Captain

This month's Alumni in Focus is Police Captain Chatchawin Singhasenee. He graciously wrote an article detailing how he has used skills that he learned while he was at the ILEA Training Center in Bangkok.

My name is Police Captain Chatchawin Singhasenee, and I am a Sub-inspector, Narcotics Suppression Team, Narcotics Burirum Provincial Police. I was enrolled in ILEAsTactical Safety and Planningcourse from October 26th toNovember 6th, 2015 at the Tactical Training Center, Naresuan Camp in Cha-am, Petchburi. During this course, I learned about operational planning, risk assessment, raid operations, self-defense tactics, the shooting simulator, and first aid for myself and others in emergency situations. This course has taught me how to work more efficiently allowing me to further myself professionally.

After this training, I have applied my new knowledge to my job and shared it with my co-workers and officers in other agencies such as the military, the Border Patrol police, and the Department of Provincial Administration. These agencies have usedthe knowledge I shared with them to further their investigations and other activities.I am very proud to do my job with the knowledge I learned from this ILEA trainingcourse.

In the first case, my superior assigned me to pursue the main drug targets, individuals with arrestwarrants and specialists in using guns. Some have been involved in police assaults and police killing attempts.

After the investigation of the hideouts of these main drug targets, we had a meeting about the arrests. In this operation, there were four government agencies involved. I was a deputy to the unit leader who was assigned to seal the west side of the target’s house, which we thought the targets would use as an escape route.The main targets name is Mr. Chalermpon Phosan, or “Ke”.  When Mr. Chalermpon knew that he was surrounded, he tried to run off to the west of the house. He also had a gun and was about to shoot the police officers. I gave Mr. Chalermpon the instruction to surrender, but instead he pointed his gun at meso I shot at him with one round. In this operation I used the knowledge learned from the ILEA course, specifically with the Shooting Simulator exercise, as I had to make a quick operational decision.

In the second case, we learned that there was going to be a drug transportation and delivery from our previous investigation. My team and I had a meeting and planned to make an arrest. Our informant notified us that the target would be driving a black Nissan Navara for the drugs transportation. We drove after him, stopped the car, and arrested Mr. Pon Sukkiew. We searched the car trunk and found drugs in a styrofoam box with CDs on the top. We took him to search his house and found money and drugs. The total of the methamphetamines that was discovered was 120,000 tablets. One of many skills that I gained from the ILEA training is good and systematic planning strategies.

In the third case, we found two persons who were suspected of drug distribution and who were wanted by the police. We surrounded the house. At first the suspects did not want to leave the house. The negotiations lasted one hour and the suspects finally turned themselves in.

These are some of the cases in which I have been involved in the tactical operations.  I do hope that I will have a chance to attend the Advanced Tactical Safety and Planning course with ILEA in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Pol. Capt. Chatchawin Singhasenee